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How many different milk products can you tell? A lot, right? However, no dairy product is as widely available as there is no industrial dairy equipment. Milk Processing Plant use a variety of equipment to process raw milk into a variety of products, including butter, butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and more. In the United States, many of the initial steps in dairy processing are pasteurization, homogenization, and/or separation.
Pasteurization is a process that is needed in many countries, including the United States. It needs to heat the milk to a high temperature and then cool it quickly. This is done to slow the decay caused by the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, which makes milk safer and more durable. During the homogenization process, the fat globules in the milk are broken down so that they become smaller, more uniform, and better suspended in the liquid. The third common process, separation, separates the milk into skimmed milk and cream. This cream is used to make a lot of other dairy products. On the other hand, skim milk is usually sold and consumed as is, or a small amount of fat can be returned to skimmed milk to produce low fat milk (eg 1% and 2%).
The separated cream can be stirred until the fat globules condense and form a semi-solid material. The result is butter, then the butter is washed and salt can be added to extend the life of the product. A residual liquid called buttermilk can be used to process other products.
In countries where pasteurization is not required, there are many different types of cheese, as the cheese making process can take advantage of the bacteria naturally present in the milk. In countries where pasteurization is required, cheeses are smaller and more often marinated with artificial cheese.
Cheese comes in a variety of textures, flavors and forms. The exact process varies depending on the type of cheese, but in order to make a lot of cheese, the milk is acidified and enzymes are added to coagulate the milk protein casein. After solidification occurs, the solid separates from the liquid and is compressed into the final form.
Yogurt is actually made in a manner similar to cheese making. However, this process stops before the curd becomes very hard. Fruits or other spices are usually added.
ice cream
This frozen dessert is usually made from milk and cream plus a sweetener such as sugar. Fruits, condiments and/or other ingredients are also often added. Despite the many flavors available, the most popular ice cream in North America is still vanilla and chocolate. Other similar products include frozen custard, frozen yogurt and ice cream.
Other dairy products
The items listed above represent only some of the dairy products produced using industrial dairy equipment. An all-encompassing list is almost impossible to compile. Only a few of the other products include condensed milk, sweetened condensed milk, whey and milk powder. Milk protein casein can even be used to make plastics, adhesives and fabrics.
Dairy equipment and dairy plants play an important role in the production of many exciting products.
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