Modern Milk Processing Plant Filling Method

Modern Fruit Juice Production Line usually use high-temperature hot filling and cold aseptic filling. However, due to many conditions in China, some beverage machinery companies generally adopt the former canning technology.
Because the process of making beverages is strict, from the comprehensive comparison of the processing technology of PET bottle filling, the operation of the production line, and the quality of drinks, it is economical and reliable to select the hot filling process. Hot filling requires that the juice and tea beverages be kept at a constant value between 85 ° C and 95 ° C after UHT transient ultra-high temperature sterilization, and the filling is completed in a short time, which is a high temperature filling. Generally, carbonated carbonated beverages are mostly positioned or quantitative, and the material always has a certain distance from the mouth of the bottle. Most of the beverages are original beverages, which require the filling of the material, that is, the filling of the bottle to the mouth, so that there is very little residual air in the bottle, which ensures that the beverage itself is not easily oxidized, so that the beverage can maintain its quality for a long time.
Hot filling should have the function of high temperature filling and full mouth filling, which requires an automatic circulation system to facilitate low temperature material circulation heating and CIP cycle cleaning. In foreign countries, generally two canning techniques will be used!
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