Update Spam on EOS RAM and AirDrop

Hello everyone,,
One of the odd things about EOS as a blockchain is that you need to explicitly buy RAM memory to operate. Now, this is not a "spend" -- as you can later "sell" this same memory. What essentially you are "buying" is a memory that the Block Producers are making available -- and then "selling" this allocation back to other users.

Whenever you can buy something, and later sell it at a potentially higher price -- there is speculation. And over the last week, this speculation, in the absence of new BP actual RAM has caused the prices to increase 5x. Not the end of the world for most people, as you really only need 4kb ram to operate, and even at today's inflated prices this is <$2, but...

As with ETH, having very volatile resource prices is not ultra desirable. Even if the cost of RAM is far less than the cost of GAS, this is still not an ideal situation for a nascent blockchain industry.

I would encourage Block1 to compensate by using some of their 4Billion in ICO funds to stabilize EOS RAM prices to actual industry norms.

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