Block Producers Guides

Hiii everyone,,,
If Blockone is planing to come up with a comprehensive technical guide for Block Producers then this thread is irrelevant. Otherwise below are my thoughts on the content of this guide.

Definition of BP role as described in Whitepaper
Expected Performance Specifications (such has bandwidth, storage etc)
Guidelines on Hardware specifications based on above performance criteria
Software guideline to setup a block producing node, and a validating node
Guidelines to test quality of block production and monitor performance, such as block production speed, no of missed blocks etc.
Likely block issues such as invalid block, corrupt block etc, and reasons for those
Lessons learnt from early block producers based on experience from Bitshares, and Steem
Tips to create redundancy and not miss a block
Other ideas.....
If community can help me with details I can help put a document together. Please suggest...

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