EOSEOS releases new version: V1.5.0.rc1, Here is all you need to know

EOS published the news of its new release of EOSIO, V1.5.0-rc1 as a release candidate on EOSIO medium account. The team also published the source codes on GitHub and the documentation on the EOSIO developer portal.\

According to the publication, the team is continuously trying to improve the experience of the developers on EOSIO. The latest versions of EOSIO and EOSIO.CDT will be marked as ‘Release Candidates’ when the following will be ready for the release which will allow a good testing and documentation of the same. After the first documentation is successful the release will be marked as ‘stable’. The following release currently termed as V1.5.0.rc1 will then be termed as v1.5.0 and will be added to the master GitHub repository for EOS.

According to the team, from the past months, on every month’s second Tuesday they updated the EOS software and for the upcoming months they will use the same dates every month to pin the Version Release Candidate for the community to know about the upcoming release before they actually add it to the Github Master Repository for the official release.

The team is also welcoming feedback from the developers for any changes and advancements to the same.

What will the new version consist of?
Multi-threaded Signature Verification
The new release will focus on the improvement of the performance of EOSIO software to keep it amongst the fastest blockchains. This feature will allow an efficient key recovery system.

State History Plugin
The State History Plugin will allow the data on the chain to a real-time streaming experience. The State History Plugin will create a better method for getting the data through RPC frameworks that are more web-scalable. This Plugin will improve the scalability of the EOSIO and the development organization of building Dapps on the EOS blockchain. The following Plugin will first be released as an Alpha Version.

Backlist and Whitelist Security Updates
The team has also made security updates to the EOS software which will benefit the block producers to help them respond to arbitration problems and solve the account recovery and disputes amongst the community. The updates will consist of whitelist and blacklist checkpoints for an increased security for inline actions and deferred transactions.

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