List of EOS Dapp : The First Four In Gambling

Lately, Gambling made a sound with EOS. This list composes of the five (among lots of EOS Dapp) and their short description.
1. EOSBet- is a decentralized betting platform based on EOS’s blockchain which enables users to enjoy their favorite casino games via a fair ecosystem
2. BetDice-The leading dApp on EOS by highest transaction and volume rate is BetDice, a gambling game application. BetDice is currently running on an EOS smart contract, which is completely decentralized.
3. FarmEOS-FarmEOS is a blockchain game platform in which players are shareholders. The platform provides an efficient and fast game experience based on the EOS public chain, and uses the Bancor algorithm for game mining
4. FunCity- is gaming-platform which share the highest profit to FunCity community. we want to provide a complete win-win solution among all token holders.

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