How to write a EOS dapp front end ?

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Very eager to learn to write a dapp based on EOS.

I have finished reading the EOSIO Developer Portal and written several smart contracts. But I still have no idea about how to write a EOS dapp front end. I think this mainly because I have no experience of Web front end. I even don't know react framework until yesterday.

I currently use CLi to interact with my smart contracts on nodeos. So right now, my whole knowledge about a dapp front end is some files consist of .html and .js. Buttons on the web UI is used to send eosio::actions to nodeos. I don't know whether I'm right. I just have some basic programming knowledge about Javascript/Go. Do I need first improve them and command one type of framework like React or Vue?

I will appreciate it if someone can solve my problem or just give some tutorials about EOS dapp front end. To me, it seems that knowledge about writing smart contracts is everywhere and knowledge about writing front end about dapp is nowhere.

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