How do dApp EOS Developers Make Money, For Real

As a dev dipping my toes into decentralized dApps, starting with EOS, I only see answers denoting "when your dApp gets traction." Its always in-the-future answers. But from point zero-to-something-in-the-future, the dApp developer must hoard EOS tokens, burn through them for platform service fees until adoption then, if traction doesn't happen, head back to the exchanges to purchase volatile, rising EOS tokens. $20, $35, $50 per token within a year is highly probable. Whereas, despite being centralized, I can expect a stable monthly/annual cost from, for example, AWS and GCP. Let's be real.

And for the decentralized and EOS fan boyz, I agree that not all dApps should be ported to the blockchain. No doubt. But other than the core disruptive dApps/platforms targeting banking/payments/compute/storage, how does the 2-person garage team launch an EOS dApp that is disruptive WITHOUT having to do a non-regulatory compliant ICO/ITO, particularly in the U.S.? Not everyone can or wants to follow that legal landmine or the traditional VC or HedgeFund fleecing of retaining only 10% of your sweat equity when all is said and done. ICO/ITOs and VCs/HedgeFunds are not happening for 99% of developers out here! So again, let's be real.

So how do the average dApp developers, not platform developers, actually make money off their dApps?

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