EXP airdrop for EOS holders in EOSEX.com

edited November 2018 in EOS Airdrops

I haven't posted the first airdrop which happened last Nov 12.
Be reminded that the snapshot will be on Nov 22.

For more info, go here eosex.com


  • The EOSex ICO has ended.
    1,802,864,039 EXP have been sold out of a total of 2,500,000,000 EXP available during the ICO.
    The unsold portion of 697,135,961.19 EXP will be burnt, directly. #EOSex #EXP #EOS

    Sad that you missed an opportunity? Well you can buy EXP after all the EOSEX will be up and running soon. Smiley Congrats to the investors and to the team.

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