How Block Producers Could Destroy EOS

According to evidence, a small group of miners (block producers) control the entire EOS network. These block producers have the power to censor transactions and blacklist individuals, ensuring they remain in power. If these block producers are colluding, then that group can control the EOS protocol to their whim. What’s worse is that these same block producers could file arbitration claims against opponents. All a block producer would need is to produce an anonymous account and file an arbitration claim against an opponent.
If the parties in EOS act in self-interest and maximize their own profits, then they undermine the security of the network.
Another source of power is the authority over EOS upgrades. If 15 out of 21 block producers vote to enact a change, then that change becomes law in EOS. Although is the primary party that proposes changes, there is nothing stopping block producers from introducing their updates to EOS.
There is no guarantee that block producers are running the correct client or software version.

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