The latest version of just amazed me.

EOSPark is an awesome EOS Block Explorer. It has a clean interface and many powerful functions, just like the on EOS. If you want to check your EOS token balance, transactions records, you can use EOSPark by simply entering your EOS username or EOS Public Key into the search field. Also allows you to check any EOS accounts, blocks, smart contracts, and all of your EOS airdrops.
And I was shocked when I visited and saw a more beatiful clean interface that shows all you would expect from an EOS block explorer.

The most exciting change is they have added a menu called “Park” on navigation bar on So I can find any pages and try any functions in just one click. And not untill today did I just realize the reason why they introduce themselves a powerful EOS block explorer. So far I haven’t seen a more powerful EOS block explorer like

I also noticed that it’s so easy to check contract informations such as consistency verify status, security audit status and latest deploy date by entering Contract List page. Especially for those Inconsistent Contracts that we should pay more attention to.

And I saw they released new functions: 14 languages translated, Alfred extension developed (This is so cool since I use Alfred to search everyday), inline action check supported (I’m not a technique man and I don’t understand this much, appreciate anyone can explain to me) and etc., these new upgrades are awesome and I got these informations from their Twitter.[]

It seems EOSPark really care about security of smart contract and EOS account since I saw they launched contract source code verification first, and upgrade the service to security audit then. I saw the EOSPark SEC platform has been released these days.
In my opinion, security risks is our top concern no matter using account or using smart contract. I’m glad to see security platforms integrated with EOSPark.

Can’t wait to see more upgrades of, and I really love this amazing tool now.If you haven’t used this tool before, I highly recommend it. In one word, is a great EOS tool that you must try, and I believe it will become your favorite one soon once tried!

Thanks for reading. How do you like it? Please leave your comments.

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