Upcoming Airdrops for EOS

AIRDROPS! Airdrops is an interesting and highly successful strategy to obtain customers because who doesn't like free stuff? Crypto enthusiasts are always awaiting new airdrops so they can try out a new ICO and decide if they would like to invest more. We want to list down some of the upcoming EOS airdrops so it can be beneficial for all:

MORE - (MORE) Dropdate: TBD
More is ""more"" than just a wallet. It allows asset management, access to airdrops, a dapp store and a trading market, investment services and more. Airdrop Ratio:Airdrop 1,000 MORE tokens per EOS Wallet address Airdrop Requirement: Sign in MORE Wallet or User have Wallet with EOS Address Step: 1. Register email, take airdrop whitelist pre-registration; Sign in MORE Wallet and invite friends for a complete airdrop.

CADEOS - (ADE) Dropdate: Dec 12, 2018
Decentratized CAD.files & Project Management Platform, offering to the community the best real time design tools, data share, video calls, chats and screen-shares for the best communication and work progress in project management relationships

GiveyNation - (GiveyNation) Dropdate: Q4 2018
The application aims to solve issues with transparency and trust in the charity sector, we believe that donors should be able to see exactly where their money goes and the social impact it has made.

Patreos - (PTR) Dropdate: Q4 2018
Patreos is a platform for community building. With Patreos, creators get support from fans, and fans pledge to the people and projects they love.
How to claim: You must vote for at least one block producer. Part of securing the network is incentivizing voter participation!

Takafuly Dropdate; Q4 2018
Takafuly is a platform for sharing economy empowered by cryptocurrency. To enable wide variety and possibility of service exchange TAKAFULY marketplace is built with a cryptocurrency to allow cashless exchange of services yet providing flexibility in offering and using the services.

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