Bad EOS Key registrered before june 2nd

This is wrote on the behaviour of my friend because he does'nt speak english.

On the Ethereum 0xAB7f2A2c1748a5417a1Eee511451F306aa57C535
There was 2 RegisterToken events. The first is correct, but the key was replaced by another one, which the user can't remember. Maybe he got hacked ?

He can still prove he is the rightful owner of original Ethereum address.

He has the EOS54exCEHWimEyjDyLJaGEkZygNrkZqC9qdCtyKUBbfQ6c9krH8q private key, but don't have the other one.

This is the original adress EOS54exCEHWimEyjDyLJaGEkZygNrkZqC9qdCtyKUBbfQ6c9krH8q registered on april 20th :

Has been replaced by EOS59rAqv9c7zrQTWPpfNFvqwLF1R6ChTAWJKxgoV82Ryh6qs98hJ on may 20th :

I very appreciate your help :)

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