Anonymous team behind the EOS werewolf killing — IMEOS and its strong backing HelloEOS

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I am an EOS enthusiast. I was shocked and angry when I saw the article. So I translated this article and hoped that the EOS community would pay attention to it.
This is the original link:
The following is translation:

I am an EOS enthusiast, optimistic about EOS, holding a large amount of EOS, entered the EOS Mainnet testing group at an early stage and have been following the development of EOS. Frankly speaking, personally I am disappointed with the current status of EOS, I used the analysis method from Bean's article to analyze EOS’s voting system and I can only say that the current top 21 is basically the result of manipulation.

While I’m disappointed by this, yesterday I also saw the news of the popular EOS version of Werewolves game from Fomo3D being attacked, closing down and was even reported to the police. As I have always been involved in technical work, I spent some time to track down the anonymous team behind this EOS Werewolves game. The truth is very shocking and this is a downright despicable scam!

Jc1991 wrote 3 articles in a row on Bihu to warn everyone about the Werewolves game of

Current situation of Werewolves game game has closed and there is only one notice as shown below on the website now.

Some of the victims have also made police reports and requested for EMAC911’s investigation. Some China media have been following this case and have reported on the case.

Who is in the anonymous team?

To know the people behind the anonymous team, we can only find clues through investigating smart contracts account zyixjmpxrrpr.
**Thankfully, this is the world of blockchains and any wrongdoings will eventually be made known to the whole world. **
Through the following website we found that:

The first record of this account is a withdrawal of 5000 EOS from gateio.

After a series of RAM purchase and smart contract deployment, 4 game characters were created using 4 accounts:

Let us look at these 4 accounts one by one: zhananzhanan, zhoukaizhi55, yllzl1111111, eosaustriabp.

Below we looked at the MORE.TOP team under IMEOS

Account zhananzhanan:

It was created by gy2domxegxno:

This account has earned more than 1800 EOS and Huobi was mentioned. Of course, this is only one of the account.
The account gy2domxegxno transferred 64.3 EOS to the account gy2dombwgene.

We can find the following in gy2dombwgene’s transaction records.

imeoszhang11 is IMEOS’s CMO Hao Zhang’s account. From imeoszhang11’s transaction records, we can see that morezhanghao is also Hao Zhang’s account, as well as zhanghao2222.

zhananzhanan has many transactions to and fro with imcaixiaoshu while imcaixiaoshu was created by moretop11111 on 21st July. moretop11111 is IMEOS’s account.


zhoukaizhi55 was created by tobeornotobe. After tobeornotobe was created, it only voted for the block producer moreisfuture. To be noted, moreisfuture is block producer from IMEOS.


The account was created by moretop11111. The first transfer was received from lynnzhang111, and from the transaction records, this account is likely IMEOS’s product manager Lin Zhang’s account:

The first 2 transactions of these accounts were both received from gy2dombwgene, and as mentioned earlier, gy2dombwgene is related to IMEOS’s CMO Hao Zhang.

This account also has transactions with the account guanghui1111:

guanghui1111 is the account of Guangwu Xie, IMEOS’s tech.

Let’s take a look again at the first entry account of smart contract :

Using the same method, all of these could be traced back to either IMEOS or MORE.TOP.

Looking at the first one hour of purchase records, we can observe that purchases came from within the IMEOS team first, follow by people from HelloEOS and then people from BTS community.

Is this related to HelloEOS‘s Zi Cen? If not, what does he have to apologize for? Why would he recommend someone else’s product?

Many people earned quite a sum and transferred to the various exchanges, which earned 6000EOS from handling fees alone. For these people who entered first, only they themselves know how much they made. Although all these could be investigated, the workload is not manageable.

There are a lot of information to be investigated and those who are interested could digging themselves.

Cross-check the results from the following websites:


One of IMEOS’s partner is a top blockchain security company in China. According to reliable source, IMEOS’s founders have very good personal ties with SlowMist Technology’s founders. Why were the contracts not audited? Were they really stolen by others?

Who is IMEOS?

As all of you may know, IMEOS were doing EOS Newsflash initially and made a lot of contributions to the development of EOS. Later, IMEOS was muckraked to be causing troubles and trying to get rid of EOSGO. Till now, the following top 2 most read posts are still on EOS GO:

According to sources, HelloEOS‘s Zi Cen invested in IMEOS and previously Zi Cen’s information was displayed on IMEOS’s official website:

IMEOS’s block producer account moreisfuture was registered only on 23rd June. An EOS media claiming to be neutral and won’t become block producer, started to become a block producer.

Looking at the sources of IMEOS’s votes and comparing with that of other block producers, there is a large overlap with that of HelloEOS, IMEOS, StartEOS, which mainly come from Bitfinex Proxy and starteos’s own reserves, in addition IMEOS listed StartEOS as one of their partners, hence it can be ruled out that these block producers have formed an alliance. According to sources, Zi Cen is very closely related to a certain Ms Liu and this Ms Liu could manipulate Bitfinex Proxy’s votes.

Bitfinex Proxy holds 40 million votes and could decide who gets to be in the top 21 and who doesn’t. Block producers which are invested by HelloEOS‘s Zi Cen or related to Yoyow team or BTS community includes: moreisfuture, helloeoscnbp, eoscleanerbp, dposclubprod, superoneiobp. The block producer eosdotwikibp also has large votes overlap with the previously mentioned block producers. Why would someone claiming to be loyal to BM participate in the creation of so many related block producer and whose EOS ecosystem is he trying to maintain?

I once came across the following picture which shows the list of block producers recommended by HelloEOS‘s Zi Cen in his group and clearly shows the block producers that HelloEOS‘s Zi Cen wants:

Of course, there are other issues in this group, such as setting up social events with air stewardesses:

What should victims do?

**- Repost this article and let even more other victims know the truth behind this incident

  • Report IMEOS to EMAC and ECAF and request for compensation

  • Report IMEOS and the other block producers to EMAC and ECAF and request that these misconducting block producers be severely punished by the community.**

I would like to say a few words to the “anonymous” team

Have the capability, but does not use it do security audit!

Have the capability, but have to resort to sneaky means!

How do you intend to survive in the currency world when you are notorious?

Look at the victims, can you really sleep well?

I do not wish the misconducting block producers to treat block producing lightly, I do not wish these misconducting teams to create troubles because I do not wish to have to restart my EOS from scratch.

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