ECAF notification of additional Interim Arbitrators - 26 Jul 18

ECAF would like to announce that the following individuals have been accepted as Interim Arbitrators:

Siqi Yao

  • Languages spoken: English, Chinese

Interest in Arbitration

Governance is one of the most essential parts of EOS, and Chinese community is one of the largest EOS communities in the world. As a result, we need to integrate it into the global governance efficiently to guarantee the prosperity of the whole EOS ecosystem.

As a Chinese speaking arbitrator, I feel responsible for helping the communities overcome existing language/cultural barrier in blockchain governance, providing necessary training about governance to Chinese communities and, of course, resolving disputes which represents any possible violation of the intention of code.

Blockchain is young, and EOS is even younger. The path of governance will not be without difficulties, yet no difficulties shall we fear, and with every effort shall we guarantee Life, Liberty, and Prosperity for all.

Stephan Zhang

  • Languages spoken: English, Chinese

Interest in Arbitration

As an Economist, Stephan has a wide range of knowledge and understanding of the current world financial system. He deeply believes that EOS will bring mankind to the next era of economic prosperity, and EOS governance is one of the most essential element for success. Stephan is bilingual in English and Chinese, and has 10 years experiences in the Higher Education Sector and developed specific skills sets in processing complex information and make appropriate dispute resolution in a timely manner. He’s goal in Arbitration is to become a bridge between western and eastern communities where he can utilise his knowledge, skills and language advantages to protect people’s life, property and freedom.


(The Interim Arbitrator position is temporary, lasting until EOS Main Net token holders confirm the appointments by a referendum held on the EOS Main Net circa 6 months from launch. Only those Interim Arbitrators who demonstrate an aptitude for arbitration will be recommended by the ECAF for confirmation.)

These Interim Arbitrators were selected following the nomination procedure announced earlier:

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