Telos: A new blockchain based on EOSIO software

The Telos Network launches the first sustainably decentralized EOSIO-based blockchain

The Telos Network, a joint project by experienced members of the EOS block producer community, is launching the first sustainably decentralized new blockchain based on EOSIO software. On the technical side, the Telos network is a blazing fast blockchain network where smart contract applications can be used without any gas fee. It’s based on the same EOSIO software as the EOS network, so applications can run equally well on either. And while these tech specs make Telos and EOS stand above all other current blockchains, they are not where the ultimate purpose of Telos lies. Telos is about security, openness, transparency, and opportunity. Telos is not meant to be "anti-EOS", but more like a sister chain that enhances the entire community.

Telos is responding to the critical need for a network where developers can affordably release commercial EOSIO DApps. Telos offers innovative solutions to problems currently plaguing the EOS mainnet: keeping RAM affordable (slower RAM release, and RAM-price stabilization), voting (inverse-weighted voting), block producer reliability (equitable pay, enforced minimum requirements, regular testing of standby readiness), and governance.

The Telos project consists of partners including block producers, DApp developers, and blockchain technologists. The launch partners include: eosBarcelona, EOSGreen, EOS Detroit, EOSMetal, EOS the World, EOS UK, EOS Van, Fuzzy (Beyond Bitcoin founder), goodblock (EOSAmericas), Infinitybloc, (Dutch EOS), Telos Labs, CALEOS, EOS in Space.

Telos is a solid solution for developers, token holders, block producers and the entire blockchain community. Many highly accomplished contributors in the Telos Launch Group are working together across many fields to bring the Telos network to life. We have raised no money, received no pay, and yet, the Telos project has become a driving force in many of our lives right now. We are excited. We are contributing together. We are unified in a vision of what Telos may soon become.

We’re happy to answer any questions here or on Telegram ( You can also find our white paper and more info on our website at:

The active Telos testnet is available here:

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