"nodeos"? - Naming things is not a Game of Nerdiness

Newcomer Alert!

I'm asking you regulars:

How did the rename "eosiod -> nodeos" slipped through?

There should be governance-procedures, which safeguard the EOS product from user-facing mistakes (smaller or bigger).

See yourself:

"nodeos" implies "A node.js based Operating System".

It moves totally away from "eos", which becomes invisible, especially for newcomers.

And even worser:

"nodeos" is an existent(!) product, and guess what it is:

Yep, a node.js based Operating System



We all make mistakes, but I really think that this naming related mistake should be corrected quickly. Some more info within:

[PRODUCT] Concise Naming of Things


And of course: there should be standard-procedures, e.g.:


In order to change a user-facing name (products, executables, commands etc.), follow this procedure strictly:

  • the rename suggestion must be filed on public-project (e.g. repo)
  • it must include rationales
  • A topic is posted on eosgo.io
  • await 7 calendar days
  • if there is no veto or justified objection (e.g. name collision), the rename can go through.
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