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The launch of EOS in June was the most awaited moment for the world, and after this successful launch, one should be on a lookout for the airdrops to ensure their success. Before delving into details such as the EOS lists etcetera, I believe an introduction to "airdrops" is warranted.

What Is An Airdrop?
Airdrop is inarguably the most publicly anticipated event of any successful blockchain. It is the best marketing strategy of its kind whereby successful yet emerging cryptocurrency platforms distribute their tokens or coins freely to eager and possible future clients. This marketing strategy is known to garner a massive response from the public as it is a way for the public to test out the cryptocurrency without any risk or chance of loss.

What Are The Upcoming EOS Airdrops?

  • EDNA
    EDNA (token name: EDNA) has announced their airdrop to occur between 17th and 30th July with a promise to airdrop 1 billion of the total supply of 1.3 billion to EOS holders. For anyone who is unaware, EDNA is the revolutionist platform that rises for the humanity and aims to protect and secure any information that could be extracted from human DNA. This way, the private data will belong to the rightful owner: the individual whose DNA data it is, and will not be at risk of falling in the hands of any enterprise that could wrongfully utilize it.

  • EOS Cafe
    With an airdrop date falling in July, users should be on a lookout. EOS Cafe is a platform that aims to attract individuals that are interested in promoting EOS education, or giving rise to further development in the field. Basically, the purpose is to form a community that can interact, culture and grow the EOS platform.

  • Trybe
    If you are someone who still struggles to grasp the blockchain and cryptocurrency world fully, you should be on a lookout for the August airdrop where Trybe plans to airdrop half of the total supply (50 million tokens) to EOS holders. With their guiding videos, advice, and tutorials, Trybe guides their users to make the most informed and accurate decision.

  • YAIR
    If your passion lies in art, culture and the preservation of both, the 2018 YAIR airdrop is the one you should be on a lookout for. YAIR secures art and ensures that it is viewable and accessible to any person that appreciates it correctly and securely.

  • AngelWings
    AngelWings is a platform that is exactly what it sounds like. It revolutionizes the donation process to ensure that no donation received by the intended recipient is less than the original amount transferred. What this means is, that this platform provides that no amount be lost as transactional charges or any other charges which may take away a share of amount useful to someone in need. By ensuring that the entire amount of the donations are matched with the intended amount, AngelWings builds trust in the process and hopefully will help to increase the willfully shared wealth of people.

There are many more airdrops announced by EOS. If you are interested, drop down a comment and participate in the discussion so that new airdrops could be discussed in future.

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