EOS For Beginners

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In elementary words, EOS is a third generation blockchain platform that can be used to develop decentralized applications, also known as dapps. It comes with built-in tools, services, and an example operating system to make the process of creating applications much more accessible. EOS compiles the best technologies available in the blockchain market such as security, user identification, fast transactions and cloud storage, etc, all under one platform.

The EOS platform is built to facilitate millions of developers and users so they can access services such as user identification, server hosting, cloud storage, etc.

Users and developers have an easy way to add secure user authentication on any apps they are creating, and also their projects will be safe from any theft on the EOS platform due to this technology. Users will also be able to share their data between accounts and store any user data on any machine not connected to the blockchain.

-Cloud Storage:
EOS platform also includes the cloud storage facility that allows users to build and create apps that have the cloud feature and also download bandwidth and server hosting through the system. Developers also have access to the usage analytics of servers and storage, and they can adjust the limits according to their requirements.

This platform is fast and stays true to its word as it is capable to scale upto one million transactions per second. This speed is a lot more faster than any other of its blockchain counterparts.

-Minimal Cost:
The applications that are built on this platform do not require any payments by the user but rather gives the user full autonomy to price their service according to their wishes.

This platform comes with many benefits and is almost like a dream for all app developers who wish to work on the blockchain.

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