ECAF notification of personnel changes - 18 July 2018

ECAF would like to announce the following change in personnel:

Resignation of John Chamberlain

John Chamberlain has tendered his resignation as an ECAF voluntary Interim Arbitrator in order to focus on EOS community building efforts.

The Forum has accepted his resignation and would like to thank him for his contribution.

Appointment of Ben Gates as Interim Arbitrator

Telegram Handle: @BenGates1985
Languages Spoken: English

Interest in arbitration

I have always possessed a natural sense of justice and I see arbitration as a cost effective and more timely method of handling disputes. This is provided that the arbitration is handled by impartial, independently minded individuals with analytical ability and attention to detail. In this regard I feel my skills and experience would be beneficial. I am keen to assist the community because the governance of EOS is it's greatest innovation. We need a system that works to prevent it becoming its greatest weakness.


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