Interim Chief Operating Officer --- AirDropsDAC

AirDropsDAC is a community initiative by Z-Meta, a private venture fund active in the crypto space since 2015. Z-Meta has investments in ShapeShift, BTC Media (Bitcoin Magazine and, Abra, Airbitz,, Filament and others.

AirDropsDac is community-owned with a governance structure very similar to eosDAC. The goal of AirdropsDAC is to provide CPU, bandwidth and ram at lower prices to DAPP developers and operate on a new model called AirDrops as a Service.

The role of Z-Meta in this initiative is to launch AirDropsDAC and to hand this over to community elected custodians by April 2019.

We are looking to hire an interim Chief Operating Officer who will be part of the launch team until AirDropsDAC is handed over to community elected custodians. After that, custodians can reemploy or replace all members of the launch team.

Our project timeline was unexpectedly shortened due to recent media coverage of AirDropsDAC. Our ideal candidate is someone with prior experience in managing an international organization and with proven abilities to execute on the vision. It goes without saying that, you must be absolutely passionate about EOS and EOS Community and need to have boundless energy to complete the project on time and handover the DAC to community elected custodians by April 2019.

If you feel you could help us with this project, please contact me at

Thank you.
Michael Gucci, MD
Launch Team Member --- AirDropsDAC

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