Proposal to Start Working on World Class UI/UX for EOSDEX Now

Proposal to Start Working on World Class UI/UX for EOSDEX Now

We agree that a Worker Proposal System is without a doubt needed in the future. However, we firmly believe we cannot let it stall work on the biggest opportunities we have to return value to EOS holders now.

While many of you will know a lot of the information referenced in this proposal, it has recently come to the attention of myself and several other active community members that there are several who do not. Because of this, I am putting together this proposal in the hopes of getting the word out to gather community support. Making a World Class UI/UX for EOSDEX could very well be the most effective use of the Worker Fund for years to come. Considering the enormous potential ROI for holders and the importance of timing, we need to execute quickly. If we wait for a WPS to be built first, we could cost ourselves greatly.

Why is a World Class UI/UX for EOSDEX so important?

1) World Class UI/UX is what is needed for mass adoption of any trading platform.
2) The more users we have the more EOS as a whole will grow.
3) The more users EOSDEX has, the more buying pressure there will be on EOS (must buy EOS to trade).
4) Taking pressure off of EOS RAM by giving speculators several other options (RAM trading has also shown us how profitable trading fees are on just one offering).
5) More users means more fees. Fees generated via trading can be used for many things including the Worker Fund for future projects, token burning to continue to make EOS Deflationary, distribution of fees among EOS holders, and more.
6) The back-end is already 90% complete and is at system level. It was said it will be ready this summer.
7) It will be the first major dApp / addition to EOS by Dan Larimer / Block.One.
8) It WILL NOT have a front-end / UI/UX when released to the community.
9) It has potential to take vast amounts of market share from other exchanges, making EOS a dominant player in an incredibly profitable industry quickly.
10) Other major exchanges are working on DEXs now but are not quite there yet (Binance is just one example). We have an opportunity for early mover advantage. Our only real competition at this point is BTS (IMO) and EOSDEX will have many advantages. It is literally a more advanced and improved version.

What is needed to accomplish this?

1) Engage with development communities, contingent staffing experts and consulting firms to get as many options as possible. This will allow us to source best in class individual UI/UX designers and front end developers as well as entire teams that are proven and ready to go. They will need to be experts in both web based projects and mobile projects. We 100% need to to have mobile capability in order to be a major competitor.
2) Allow the Individual Talent and Consulting teams to state what compensation their efforts will require (bidding).
3) Display resumes and portfolios of the candidates and consulting firms publicly to the EOS community along with cost associated with their services. Allow the community to ask them questions.
4) Let community vote on whether we want to go with individuals and build our own team or if we want to go with a consulting firm / already built team.
5) Take remaining candidates / consulting teams and hold vote to narrow down to top 10 (or less if consulting firms are chosen).
6) Hold second vote with finalists.
7) Top candidate / firm wins.
8) Work begins and can be overseen by Dan Larimer (ideally) or someone else from B1 who understands the DEX architecture, functions and capabilities inside and out.
9) Launch community approved DEX interface.
10) Watch the fees and market share roll in :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or make suggestions. Also, if you agree, please help support this initiative by getting the word out and sharing with the rest of the community.

We can and will make EOS the top Cryptocurrency / Platform as a community by executing on our greatest opportunities now!

Gavin Carroll


  • In general, I agree. Human beings are simple and emotional. Not that the full compass of emotions are simple, rather, that people are generally guided by fast thinking rather than slow thinking.

    Apple is #1 in world for one reason: intuitive user-friendliness + (perfect integration across devices) the exclusion of all competing devices. One could (correctly) criticize an exploitation of both supply and demand in the case of Apple. Contractors for Apple exploit of vulnerable populations for manufacturing labour, and contractors exploit of vulnerable regions for raw materials. Also, consumers would note an obvious pattern of planned obsolescence in their products.

    Yet, they remain successful... at least, for now. Letting all the ethical issues go (in my heart they remain), it's clear that UX/UI is cornerstone to success.

    The ethical atrocities of Apple aside, they do enjoy a degree of wealth, influence, and (as a corollary) power because (primarily) they had an intense focus on the user interface of the lay person. It ALL must be simply, intuitive. Easier said than done.

    Can EOS develop such intuitive instruments? I sure hope so, because I've (personally) made every attempt in my life to educate my peers on all issues surrounding both technology and ethics, and >95% of my peers JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND! and they probably never will. Not everyone is actually intelligent. Worse, intelligent people tend to be lazy and greedy.

    Emotional drivers are paramount. Simple emotion... like the satisfaction of biting an apple.

    UX/UI absolutely must be a focus. But, we must not forget all our virtuous values in this process. We must remain committed to voluntarism (ideally, enlightened in voluntarism... which is to say perfectly well informed).

    That's all.

  • Thanks for the feedback! Apple is just one of many examples regarding the importance of great UI/UX. I'm confident we can have great UI/UX without all the ethical baggage they carry. AirBNB is an example I really like. They were able to take the Hotel / Vacation industry head on with nothing more than a solid idea, and a mobile app with amazing UI/UX. Now it's a household name :)

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