How to assess risks in the Worker Proposal System

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Hi everyone,

I have recently started to get more involved in the WPS community and was requested to draft up a risk register for the Worker Proposal System. As my background is in project management and I'm most familiar with Prince2 structure, I have produced a draft based on Prince2 standards. I've attached a link to it so please have a look and feel free to comment.

I have based the risks on the information I was aware of at the time. I have assumed for the minimum viable product version 1 (MVP1) at least that all funding allocations will be issued directly from community voting.

The expected value field is calculated by multiplying the probability by the impact (with a legend sheet attached).

Please post below and let me know what you think.



  • @someoneElse This is fantastic! I will produce some kinda of diagram for visual representation if possible. Scoring systems for potential abuse and risk are totally needed and I' love that you're using a standards system to produce a similar function for EOS - this is outstanding!!

  • Awesome, Turbo, I'd love to see a visual of this.

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