Who is eoscleanerbp?

Who is eoscleanerbp?

It's created at 26th June, just a few days ago! Now it's voted by bitfinex proxy and four accounts(folleninlove, falleninlove, daoxiangqvqv, daoxiangququ) from starteos.

Its website was online just 2 days ago. The domain of eoscleaner.com was registered 26th June. On their website, they claim "As an EOS Block Producer, it is our responsibility to provide a clear base for viewing company information. We will make our business practices and associations public to maintain transparency and openness, and we encourage and welcome communication with the EOS community. "

But where is the team information? It's a shell bp of starteos? eoscleanerbp and dposclubprod(dpos.club) share the same creator, it's a shell of dops.club???

Why the community do nothing about this bp?


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