What kind of actions require RAM?

The answer was briefly touched upon in the EOS white paper, saying:
1. For new accounts, until tokens are transferred out of account.
2. balances
3. The existence of a post
4. Voting (# of votes)
5. Order books

Detailed in these sentences, "Blockchain state storage is information that is accessible from application logic. It includes information such as order books and account balances. If the state is never read by the application, then it should not be stored. For example, blog post content and comments are not read by application logic, so they should not be stored in the blockchain's state. Meanwhile the existence of a post/comment, the number of votes, and other properties do get stored as part of the blockchain's state." I can't quite comprehend.

Bottom line is, what actions require RAM, and how much RAM/action? Does the application logic read these actions?:
The act of voting. (not just tallying the # of votes)
Balances - is the RAM necessity included in the cost of on-boarding?

Thanks for the help,

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