Voting on MVP1 - discussion - prerequisites to voting on MVP1

There are ideas on the table for MVP1, nothing concrete. That's fine this is early days.
However we don't even have a determined aparatus to allow WPS to come to a decision easily. Lots of posting, lots of chat, no voting so far even on a system to allow us to vote. We'd like it ALL to be ON CHAIN right? So we first need someone to make us a Smart Contract. Before we can do that we need the person that will do it. And before we can find them we have to determine how to pay them. So in my head the logical order is:

  1. Vote on how we're going to make decisions in a channel. No quorum, a 15 day period to file votes on a thread, only existing WPS accounts. SUPER minimal decisions:
    a. Take Proposals on a voting "style".
    b. This is a modestly centralized decision, but we have to boot strap somewhere.
  2. Vote on getting a contract made. Same as above, use the "style" we've determined.
    a. What goes into this contract (basics).
    b. Who makes it.
    c. What are we willing to pay in EOS qty, or at the (contract execution time) Fiat value of our tokens? I'm lead to believe money is NOT the issue here. Let's just throw some
    at the wall here and see if we can get something that sticks. Once a contract is made we can spam the address on out telegram EOS GOV channels and the whole planet on
    reddit, and let people pick it apart. Then when MVP2 comes around we can take bids for real.
  3. Vote with the contract to ratify MVP1 on chain with token holder input.
    a. First vote - established already voting MVP1 members. Ratify or not. Done.
    b. Second Vote - token holder ratification (if desired on MVP1).

4. Start planning MVP2

  1. (undefined time in the future) - on chain voting for MVP2
    a. You guess it - I'd like categories at this stage :)
  2. (additional undefined time in the future) - on chain proposals under MVP2.

Please any thoughts welcome, I think it would be amazing if we were ready with a Contract idea in time for ratification of the main constitution. Please let me know if anyone else is thinking this is too soon or I'm pushing. I just want to see our work materialize!

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