Orientation to the WPS Drafting Process (video)

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Earlier today I led a Zoom discussion of the Worker Proposal System (WPS) process, what the volunteers have done so far, and what the next steps probably ought to be.

The recording of that session is here:

Link to the Prezi:

Index of the recording

(indexed from start of recording)
0:00 - begin recording, greetings, warm up the group, and ask "greatest hope" question
3:09 - begin sharing the answers to "What is your greatest hope for the WPS?"
4:38 - end of those answers
6:03 - begin sharing the answers to "What is your greatest FEAR for the WPS?"
8:09 - end of those answers
8:12 - begin prepared remarks with visuals
18:06 - end of visuals, begin discussion and Q&A
48:28 - end of recording

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Chat log

(indexed by time in PST)
10:01:45 From Thomas Cox : What is your greatest hope for the WPS? (in one sentence)
10:01:58 From Lisa Chandler : empower entrepreneurs
10:02:16 From Josh Kauffman EOS Canada : Improve the system going forward to keep it at the forefront of the blockchain space.
10:02:29 From Ashe Oro : Building necessary infastructure and onboarding educational materials to quickly and easily new community members.
10:02:35 From Jose Toriello : That it provides the system with key funding for most important work needing to be done.
10:02:36 From Domenic Thomas : Fair and equitably distributed funds used efficiently to develop and support the EOS ecosystem.
10:02:46 From Ovi eosromania22 : enable teams, projects, dApps, to improve EOS
10:02:46 From David | EOS42 : That is provides a focused, controlled and efficient source of funding for primarily non-commercial projects that strengthen EOS
10:03:01 From Zane Whitener : To allow for the vested participants to encourage adoption and grow new tech while still having checks and balances on the ideas allowed.
10:03:08 From Shane Jing - EOS Pacific : stimulate innovation on eos
10:04:30 From Daniel R : Sorry - late response - I want to see us organize. IF that means categories for projects or categories for funds, or just getting a good workflow that's what ORganization means.
10:05:40 From Thomas Cox : What is your greatest FEAR for the WPS? (in one sentence)
10:06:06 From Domenic Thomas : Whales abuse it or scammers abuse it.
10:06:10 From Jennifer Morrow : Fraud and abuse.
10:06:12 From Ashe Oro : Greatest fear: It will be used as a main source of funds to pay for an ddevleop arbitration.
10:06:13 From Lisa Chandler : fear: end user value won't take priority over system goals
10:06:14 From Robert DeWilder : The WPS becomes a center of power.
10:06:25 From Josh Kauffman EOS Canada : (Other than abuse) A stagnant system that doesn’t actually achieve its goals.
10:06:38 From Angry Trader : burn of tokens, waste of money
10:06:45 From Shane Jing - EOS Pacific : lack of transparency in how fund distribution is determined
10:06:47 From David Margulies : monomaniac adherence to a single philosophy
10:06:51 From David | EOS42 : That the WPS becomes corrupt, inaccountable, controlled by a central group with undue influence and power, and is used as to wasteful distribute funds with limited value, or as a sort of quasi VC fund
10:06:56 From Daniel R : Fear: Appropriations will eventually skew to a single direction, to a single group - or small group - who controls which projects get presented. Like a Political Party, I fear this, we need to keep it meaningful for large holders and small holders in some way.
10:06:56 From Zane Whitener : Faked projects funnelling money to be used negatively and/or against the EOS ecosystem.
10:07:11 From Jose Toriello : That it becomes a place where largest votes "mine" coin without quality of work being weighted properly. that funds not go to impotant projects
10:07:44 From Ovi - eosromania22 : no fear: we'll rock it
10:07:44 From Zane Whitener : I second the concern about arbitration issue Ashe mentioned.
10:16:30 From David | EOS42 : Human beings are beautiful.. what a list
10:19:36 From Domenic Thomas : Telegram - @DomenicT
10:22:00 From Jose Toriello : What is the current thinking of how the approval process will work? I.E votes % needed for approval?
10:22:27 From Jose Toriello : How much will it cost to present a proposal?
10:22:55 From Angry Trader : what do you think of 1 vote per wallet for WP?
10:23:44 From Daniel R : If the WPS winner drops the project in a stage we should "own" the code as the community .... right? We could take it and bring in another team to audit it. Do we the community want to act as the owner and the WPS worker that is active is basically a sub-contractor, licensed to build but not own? I see us wishing we COULD do this when a good idea bails for one reason or another. I see this being bad too as it may discourage new proposals. Maybe there are stages where once X funding has been given default gives up the code to the WPS and voters?
10:24:51 From Sam Jernigan : Will WPS be used to fund EOS storage or will that be separate?
10:26:33 From Steve Floyd : `1. That is hard to do
10:26:48 From Jose Toriello : How to prevent voter fatigue? Montlhy, Quarterly periods?
10:26:55 From Sam Jernigan : independent annual audits? or a board that includes independent members/consultants that provide a report as to how we are doing as a community toward our goals?
10:27:00 From Ashe Oro : I worry that WPs could distort the natural market feedback loop in the business of private law enforcement. W/ socialized revenue for arbitrators, it will reduce the amt of competition that is needed to keep evolving to meet the niche needs of the clients filing the arbitration cases.
10:27:03 From Steve Floyd : 2. as Dan has said - any attempts to automate it would be revealed in a smart contract
10:27:10 From Jae Chung - HKEOS : What do you think about incorporating vote percentage and the number of votes itself? Maybe this could be an indicator that there is more than just a few whales (and more of the community) supporting the proposal.
10:28:41 From Steve Floyd : Can B1 give a specific date when the referendum contract will be completed by the community group?
10:28:59 From Daniel R : Will do :)
10:29:10 From David | EOS42 : IBM learned a good lesson hiring somebody to do a job and not own the code.. MS-DOS
10:30:31 From Steve Floyd : If B1 cannot give a specific date, what is keeping the community from doing it themselves?
10:34:34 From David | EOS42 : EOS Referendum code base: https://github.com/eos42/eos-referendum
10:34:54 From David | EOS42 : UI needs to be built next, Steve would love your help
10:35:40 From Josh Kauffman EOS Canada : I’d be curious if we have anyone on the call who thinks that having a WPS in place is a bad idea. I would like to hear the thought behind that fear to get a better understanding of that view.
10:35:47 From Anna Taylor : haha
10:37:13 From David | EOS42 : If this becomes anything like the EU - we need to address concerns about institutional corruption. Decentralized we will be, we must be mindful in the design at every stage about all the attack vectors that TC highlighted and more.
10:37:18 From Anna Taylor : agreed!
10:37:31 From Cesar do Carmo : I love EOS!:)
10:37:39 From Matt Beckman : I'm fairly involved in BitShares WPs. Will the contract support no-payment projects?
10:37:58 From Sam Jernigan : we can balance the EU concerns by also looking at well managed sovereign wealth funds like Singapore.
10:38:10 From Domenic Thomas : Telegram - @DomenicT
10:39:53 From Jose Toriello : What measure have been thought of to have "non sexy" but good projects from getting funding vs sexier ones.
10:39:56 From Jose Toriello : ?
10:40:13 From Jose Toriello : Thinking ECAF for example
10:40:29 From Daniel R : That is a subscription service, that puts the business difficulty on the WPS fund, not the contractor in providing. They'll "milk" the clock.
10:41:00 From Sam Jernigan : we should discuss further whether the recipients of EOS tokens from the WPS can vote those tokens. could be a problem area
10:41:02 From Anna Taylor : level of stupid is considered
10:41:23 From Daniel R : @Sam - good one
10:41:42 From Daniel R : voting feedback loop?
10:42:16 From Domenic Thomas : RE: the voting of WPS allocated tokens, can a smart contract be added to those particular tokens that locks up their voting rights for a period?
10:42:48 From Sam Jernigan : ooh multisig solution!
10:43:51 From Thomas Cox : 3-5 words summarizing your experience of this call and the WPS
10:44:05 From Sam Jernigan : professional and motivational
10:44:08 From Jae Chung - HKEOS : Loved the smooth slides
10:44:13 From Ovi - eosromania22 : right track
10:44:13 From Domenic Thomas : Clear presentation, WPS is evolving nicely!
10:44:18 From Cesar do Carmo : It was great! I'll get more envolved! Thanks
10:44:24 From Ashe Oro : everyone's questions and concerns were addressed
10:44:24 From Shane Jing - EOS Pacific : awesome and groundbreaking
10:44:28 From Lisa Chandler : we need to learn from business
10:44:32 From Josh Kauffman EOS Canada : Everyone’s enthusiasm
10:44:34 From David | EOS42 : Efficient, great way to get group participation/views in a constructive way (might be ideal for some BP meetings in future)
10:44:36 From David Margulies : this is gonna be fun
10:44:37 From Anna Taylor : the action part is encouraging, I am exhausted talking about stuff in TG
10:44:47 From Sean Anderson eos sw/eden : Thought Provoking Stuff (3 words)
10:44:50 From Jennifer Morrow : Clear structure
10:44:54 From Daniel R : This is a very postive system, there are a lot of avenue's to explore. My biggest take away (whic is positive) is we need MORE people inolved - 30 on the call? I know it's new but this is the democratic issue, we need involvement, not just voting involvement but people's thoughts, constantly and consistently. We need to color our thinking with this wherever possible.
10:44:57 From Marlon Williams : Revolutionary idea to new product development
10:45:06 From Jose Toriello : Lots of Work ahead
10:45:20 From Robert DeWilder : An exciting challenge and great group of people.
10:45:36 From Daniel R : (I went way over sorry)
10:47:00 From Daniel R : @thomas - OK that makes total sense! interaction is hard in large groups.
10:47:07 From Domenic Thomas : We are very early in this process. All of us involved in the current team constantly discuss how to engage as many people in the community as possible.
10:48:12 From Domenic Thomas : Whever we take on a role in governance we serve the community, not ourselves.
10:49:15 From Daniel R : Can you post again where we should head it we want to commit our time ?

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