Worker Proposal System (WPS) Charter Released

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After fielding hundreds of questions and logging countless hours of discussions with individuals in the various Telegram groups, the Worker Proposal System working group has drafted a charter to govern its progress toward a solid Worker Proposal System.

WPS Goal Statement

Integral to the working group’s efforts is its goal statement:

“To design a proposal for the EOS Worker Proposal System (WPS) and its governance, including the formal procedures, controls, and data workflows that will control the election of proposals, the responsible distribution and oversight of funds to said proposals, and the process by which the WPS can be amended to meet the needs of the evolving chain. Also to design the referenda criteria for bringing the WPS into/out of existence. The proposed WPS will empower the funding of projects that will enhance the health and competitiveness of the EOS blockchain ecosystem, yet may or may not be otherwise commercially viable and therefore struggle to attract private investment.”

MVP - Minimum Viable Product

The WPS working group has defined a path forward for a rapidly deployed MVP1 (a first Minimum Viable Product) which will include a governance structure to enable early release of funds for high-priority infrastructure projects, as chosen by the Token Holders of the EOS Mainnet. Following the release of MVP1, the group, in cooperation with the community of stakeholders and volunteers, intends to engage in a more rigorous series of iterations to deploy a robust governance structure and flexible user interface, intended to support a wide range of Worker Proposals.

Orientation Sessions

To discuss some of the most important parts of the Charter, to clarify the path forward, and to empower community members to involve themselves with this project, Thomas Cox will be hosting two Orientation Sessions that will include an open Q&A. All members of the EOS community are invited to attend and registration is required (a recording of the better session will be posted):

The WPS working group will continue to need the support of the EOS community and is eager to answer any questions about the path forward as detailed in the project charter.

About the Charter

The EOS Worker Proposal System (WPS) Project Charter includes a breakdown of the high-level risks, scope, deliverables, and a schedule of milestones. The WPS Project Charter document can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition, a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been posted to EOSGo here.
These FAQs are a first-stop for anyone interested in the status of the WPS working group’s proposal project and will be updated as progress is made, milestones achieved, and more questions become apparent.


The entire community can be grateful for the long hours of hard work put in by the volunteers, particularly lead volunteer Branden Espinoza.

The volunteers who drafted the Charter are:

  • Branden Espinoza (EOS Supporter)
  • David Margulies (EOS Supporter)
  • Domenic Thomas (Worbli)
  • Josh Kauffman (EOS Canada)
  • Mao Yi Feng (EOSReal)
  • Rick Schlesinger (EOS New York)
  • Robert DeWilder (Worbli)
  • Roman Skaskiew (CryptoLions)
  • Sam Sapoznick (EOS Supporter)
  • Todor Karaivanov (EOS Supporter)

In addition, the many contributors to the main WPS Telegram Channel did a great deal to bring the project this far.

Next Steps

Translation: As soon as the Charter has been translated into Korean and Chinese, I (Thomas) will update this posting to include links to those translations.

The official language of the working group remains English, and future applicants for volunteer positions in the core group must be fluent in English.

Volunteers must be Members of the EOS Mainnet community (either as current token holders or as claimants of accounts in the Unregistered ledger) and have agreed to its Constitution.


Chinese Charter

Chinese language WPS Charter is here.

Korean Charter

Korean language WPS Charter is here.

Edit History

22-Jun-2018: added links to Korean and Chinese translations of the Charter.


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