Article XVII - Termination of Agreement & RAM speculation

Article XVII
there has been some concern in the community about this article.
i would like this to change and the tokens not been taken away from the address but rather unstaked, this would liberate the resources in the eventuality of the owner losing the private key or just being deceased (unfortunately this will happen, there should be a mechanism to address this) or any other incapacitative condition. the tokens if lost on the account after being unstaked will benefit the whole community by being lockup and lost forever. this would adress the problem of people losing their private key and finding it back after 3 years for example or people being imprisoned and other cases


i think i read somewhere that BPs could add RAM to the system and therefore i think BPs should NOT be allowed to speculate on RAM. This does not mean they cant buy RAM for specific purposes other than speculation.

Thank you for taking the time to address this concerns.

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