Bitfinex Ballot - An EOS Block Producer Voting System

Over the past several months, our technology team has worked with a group of experienced cryptographers to create a set of open-source tools which we believe to be of great benefit to the wider industry. Dubbed the 'Bitfinex Ballot, these tools can, amongst other capabilities, mathematically demonstrate solvency and custody for a certain cryptocurrency, as well as provide a way for individuals and groups to delegate votes using their balances (holdings) on Bitfinex. 

This voting system allows our users to vote on ballots in an anonymous and verifiable manner, using reports generated by account activity and balances. More specifically, the Bitfinex Ballot tool lets users cast EOS Block Producer votes directly on the Bitfinex platform whilst providing you with the tools necessary to tally votes to ensure integrity in how votes have been cast by Bitfinex.

The tool is entirely open-source and can be made use of by other exchanges wishing to demonstrate transparency. The original idea for the voting tool can be found here. Once optimised we can work to extend the system to other currencies as well.

A full breakdown of the voting tool can be found here: Please don't hesitate to send feedback our way.

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