ECAF ERC-20 / EOS Mainnet Token Conversion Private Key Issue

About ECAF. As referenced in the EOSIO Constitution, the EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF) is the default dispute resolution forum for the EOS Public Main Net and its associated communities. More details on the ECAF can be found here: and the Interim Rules of Dispute Resolution (RDR) at .

ERC20 Spoofing. The ECAF has received claims of theft of EOS Mainnet private keys from ERC20 token holders, which may have taken place during the conversion of EOS ERC-20 tokens to EOS Mainnet tokens.

Appointment of EA. Given the potential urgency of the situation, in accord with RDR section 3.5 “Emergency Measures,” ECAF has appointed an Emergency Arbitrator (EA). The EA will issue further clarification in 18 to 36 hours, pending receipt of expert advice from respected Ethereum/EOS smart contract code specialists and review of additional evidence provided by claimants.

Collation and Evidence. At this time, the Emergency Arbitrator requests Block Producers and the Community to identify the affected accounts and to submit additional claims if necessary. For additional evidence submitted in connection with existing claims, link the new evidence with the existing claim by referencing the EOS account, public key, email address, or other identifying information in the claim. Every notification of an impacted account should be accompanied by sufficient information to separate it from scammers’ attempts to seize funds. Compelling evidence of ownership of Ethereum keys and/or EOS Mainnet keys will be required to support claims.

The ECAF encourages the Community, either singly or as a group, to collate the information and evidence gathered, and to file formal claims on the ECAF’s website:

As per its Rules for Dispute Resolution, the Emergency Arbitrator (EA) will review all submitted claims for possible emergency action, and for assigning to duly-appointed Arbitrator(s) for further consideration and action. Where warranted these actions, either by the EA or later Arbitrators, may include directing EOSIO Block Producers to take appropriate measures.

Posted by: M. Tabulo, Interim ECAF Forum Administrator

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