• Hello to all,

    This is my introduction to the EOS Go community.

    I was born and live in Costa Rica.

    Graduated from Tulane University in 1973 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.
    Started Computer Programing using Fortran IV in IBM framework during my years at Tulane in New Orleans.
    I fell in love with computers ever since. :)

    I Established an Automotive Engine Rebuilding Shop after college and had it for 30+ years.
    I sold it in 2002

    In 1987 I founded a software development company Sistemas Edenia Intenacional.
    We switched our focus to the Internet in 1995 when domain was registered.
    We have been in the Internet Hosting and Web development since then.

    In early 2013, I discovered Bitcoin and was heavily bitten by the "Crypto worm".
    We are now running 2 BTC full nodes, 2 DASH Masternodes, Stellar and Gricoin nodes.
    We ran a Steem witness for over 3 months starting in 2016.
    See post
    We have a Bitshares account since 2015: crservers-cr
    After using BitShares and Steem, I have gained lots of respect for Dan Larimer as a outstanding software engineer. Thus my attraction to Dan's latest product EOS
    We remain very active in the local Costa Rican crypto community

    Now we are preparing our candidacy for a EOS block producer.
    We want to be present at EOS blockchain inaguration helping the network with at least a backup node.
    We are preparing a 32 core server as our initial contribution to the EOS blockchain.

    For more information about me, check my Steemit blog at:

    Very exciting time we are living!

    Regards and best wishes to all the EOS Go community.

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    Hi all,
    I'm starit. A backend and Blockchain developer. I was born in Hunan, China and now Working in Shanghai, China.
    I had been worked for a well-known crypto cureency exchange for more than 2 years and know well about centralized exchange. But now I'm more interested in decentralzied exchange protocol.
    Currently I'm working on a EOS mobile wallet with my team. I'm the CEO and one of the main developers. We are looking forward to having a close relationship with the community.

    official website:
    My Email:

  • Hi All,
    I’ve experience in enterprise software, PaaS and SaaS, PoC definition and creation, scripting and command line, managing of teams

    Currently working for a primary cloud company in Milan Italy

    Worked in Paris in the past and in Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Heavily work8ng and invest8ng in blockchain use case understanding

    You can find my profile here:

    Looking forward to build the EOS community!


  • Hi everyone!

    My name is Daniel. I'm based in Boston, MA and only recently started looking deeper into EOS. I'm ashamed to say that I was following crypto from the sidelines for far too long (relatively speaking). I was interested in, impressed by, and followed the development of ProtoShares, Keyhotee, Bitshares, and Steem, without getting involved in any way with any of these technologies. In the last few weeks, I dove deeper into EOS and realized this would be the last thing I watch passively.

    As a voluntaryist and a firm proponent of life, liberty, and property, I feel that EOS is an amazing opportunity to build a market-based platform that can provide for our everyday needs, free from coercion.

    I am an accountant and IT auditor, formerly with a Big 4 firm and now at a smaller, high-end consulting firm. I consult CIOs, CISOs, CFOs, etc on a regular basis - all of whom are interested in the latest trends. Many have heard of blockchains but don't know what they are (and what they are not). I seek to educate this audience about blockchain, best practices, and the best implementations around.

    So, in short, I'm looking to connect businesses to EOS through the network and client base that I have. Similarly, I'd like to provide real-world business support (finance/accounting, corporate governance, IT support, internal controls, compliance) to EOS companies.

    Please let me know if there's any way I can help bridge the two worlds and get you a consultant who's deeply knowledgeable about both aspects. I'd love to connect:


  • Hello everyone!

    About me:

    Long time artist (graphic design, large scale painting) currently working with data and SQL. Participated in the birth of the internet as a gawker and enthusiast (i.e., GenX). I am crypto-agnostic. EOS has my attention right now, though.

    What I'm looking for:

    I would love to participate in the visual part of EOS & it's brethren. Bumper stickers, t-shirts, webcam logo stickers, you get the idea.

    Thank you to everyone for building this community.

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    Hello EOSGO community,

    I'm looking forward to seeing EOS progress towards its vision and would like to support its development and projects developed within.

    I enjoy subjects around business and entrepreneurship as well as many areas of technology including the tech industry. My experience includes creating businesses and managing projects and operations in multiple industries.

    I look forward to learning from this group and discovering new opportunities.

  • Hi EOSGO community.

    My name is Douglas. I've been a longtime lurker here and finally got around to joining.

    I founded a team of DApps developers in Seattle, USA. We are working with developers in other North and South American countries as well. We build DApps and other blockchain tools. We've been mostly working in Ethereum and Solidity, but I'm extremely excited about the promise of the EOS blockchain.

    In the past I contributed to some computer programming books. Over time I've built up a multi-petahash mining operation, and I run full nodes and masternodes in about 20 coins. So I've come to understand blockchain from a variety of viewpoints, which helps.

    I look forward to meeting more EOS fans and discussing the project. I have a lot to learn, but maybe also can contribute to some conversations as well.

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    Hello everyone my official name is Aldo Villamil, born in Colombia currently residing in Orlando where i quit my job and put all my energy into the Blockchain space. EOS governance model is a paradigm shift and my goal is to assist disenfranchise native Colombians by empowering them to create a more transparent, secure, and fair ecosystem for all "stop all the illegal mining destroying our natural habitat". I would also like to help with SDAO ( Sustainable Distributed/Decentralize Autonomous Ecosystem ) and assist in creating a BlockcProducer in Colombia ; know before as 'La Gran Colombia' which included ( Panama , Ecuador, and Venezuela ) all profits from BP operations will be allocated towards education, reforestation , and sustainable infrastructure to operation of all the servers and logistics.

    EOSgo we apreciate all the wisdom and knowledge you share and i would like to assist in any possible. I was thinking spanish Version Podcast to provide info to the community.

    Hope to connect with everyone in the future, and best of luck to all producers on launch.

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    About us... A new post is here:

    I am a serial entrepreneur. I have a desire to learn new things and come up with new innovative ideas. I have started multiple new businesses.

    Prior to startups I have a decade of industrial experience in ICT (Information and communication Technology). I have had several key roles in Ericsson AB with emphasis on Leadership Roles. I have strong background in Information Security, Privacy, Systems Architect, Design (R&D) and Customer Services Management.. I have 3 Masters (Teknologie Magister) from KTH [ICT Security, Internet-working, & Infrastructure (Real Estate) Management]. I have all-round capabilities that are well suited for Entrepreneurship.

    I am also heavily involved in social and educational activities. I often participate in seminars and boot-camps to educate young children. My life revolve around kids a lot.

    We joined EOS Community a bit late... And now we are struggling to speed our work to set up EOS Block Producer nodes in Test Networks and then join Mainnet...

  • Dear EOS Go community,

    My name is Chris Pollard and I am an EOS supporter. I am 32 and live in Melbourne, Australia.
    What kind of work have I done?
    I currently work as a project manager for a nonprofit admissions agency for the university and vocational training sector. We write assessment algorithms and deliver software services to universities and other education institutions, along with application services for prospective students. Previously, I've worked in various roles in university services. In a past life, I was filming and editing for a community tv station.
    What was my formal study?
    I completed an undergraduate in performing arts and a graduate diploma in education.
    What do I value?
    I value honesty, passion, self-reflection and challenging the status quo.
    What are my interests (apart from DLT and tokenomics)?
    Mental health awareness, user experience, alternative education, swimming, yoga, live music.
    Why am I here?
    I fell down the bitcoin rabbit hole only last year in May 2017. I was living in Lao PDR in south east asia and my partner had left the city to work for a few days. It was monsoon period and bucketing down with rain. So I stayed inside. I'd been told about blockchain technology but had never really looked into it. I finally got around to reading the white paper and from that moment, I was hooked. The idea blew my mind. And since then I can't stop thinking and reading about the movement. I first got into EOS after watching a long interview of Dan Larimer. His logic really made sense to me and I also liked his manner. Since then, I've realised that the community around EOS is really diverse and very accepting. I also like the approach shift from anonymous "code is law" to transparent actors in a community.
    How do I want to get involved?
    At this point, I just want to get to know people and help where I can. I have experience running projects and I know some things that work and don't. I'm good with people and I believe that I am empathetic. I can understand technical concepts when I need to, but I am not a technician or engineer. I also like speaking in public.

    Thanks to EOS Go for facilitating this forum.

    Chris Pollard
    keybase: sufjan
    telegram: @cpollard

  • Hey EOS community! It's great to be here. Here is a little about me:
    Community/marketing/content creator/management.
    What I'm looking for:
    I need a bit of guidance on who or where I can post my questions if I run into problems using the forum. I'd also like to find out where I can get a mod for the Worbli Network.
    About the organization:
    Worbli is a friendly fork/sister chain of EOS leveraging EOSIO software and adding strict global KYC/AML applications to said software in order to create a platform suitable for enterprises and individuals that need to meet these guidelines in order to operate.

  • I am an entrepreneur, investor and producer of many things. I have written two books and own a media site on cryptocurrency. I believe in the power of the Blockchain to disrupt the economy for good, and above all give economic power to the people. I think Eos has that potential and I am excited to be here and watch it grow. As a keen observer of Ethereum and NEO I wish the best for the Eos project.

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    Hi people!

    I'm a developer/entrepreneur. Been working(making projects/businesses, including startup) in tech during past 10 years. Have some experience almost in anything :D (tech/general business). Been following blockchain space since 2015.

    Currently free and looking for ideas and collaborators.
    If you have something in your mind - lets get in touch :)

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