1st set of ECAF Interim Arbitrators named

The Governance team would like to announce the 1st set of ECAF Interim Arbitrators.

(The Interim Arbitrator position is temporary, lasting until EOS Main Net token holders confirm the appointments by a referendum held on the EOS Main Net circa 6 months from launch. Only those Interim Arbitrators who demonstrate an aptitude for arbitration will be recommended by the ECAF for confirmation.)

These Interim Arbitrators were selected following the nomination procedure announced earlier: https://forums.eosgo.io/discussion/1104/eos-core-arbitration-forum-nominations-announcement

In Alphabetical order, they are:

  1. William Bozarth
  2. John C
  3. Michael Kimani
  4. Sam Sapoznick

Further details on each individual follow.

Additional Interim Arbitrators will be announced in the coming weeks.

William Bozarth

  • Telegram handle @BillBoz
  • Languages spoken: English

Interest in arbitration

EOS is the most ambitious global experiment that I know of. Governance at scale is difficult and the culture of EOS is still to be defined, shared, and understood. Of the many interests I have in being a part of the arbitration process, currently being able to directly facilitate the intent of the global EOS community into decisions that will support “life, liberty, and property for all” is among the highest.

John C

  • Languages spoken: English

Interest in arbitration

John developed an interest in EOSIO arbitration threw research of the EOSIO governance model, in which arbitration is key to the blockchain community dispute resolution process. He feels that his background in systems analysis helped shape his logical reasoning skills such that he would be able to form non-biased, impartial analysis in dispute resolution. This combined with his passion for knowledge sharing, experience and independent participation in the EOS community, meant that when asked if he would have any objection to being put forward as an interim arbitrator for ECAF his reply was "no-objection"

Michael Kimani

  • Telegram handle: @pesa_africa
  • Languages spoken: English, Kiswahili, Kikuyu

Interest in arbitration

Governance on the blockchain is a necessary step in building a better economy for the people of the world. It enables a means for parties to enter into value contracts on the vast web where sovereign boundaries are non-existent. In order to successfully engage in trade, commerce and value exchange, we must create an environment for participants to build an economy safe exchange environment. Participants could be people, communities DACs, or legacy organization. Beyond sovereign jurisdictions, arbitration is an ideal mechanism to establish a reliable alternative ‘legal’ structure that people, communities, and economic structures and can rely on.

I am interested in pioneering the building blocks of the economies of the future by taking part and learning the tenets of arbitration.

At Chamapesa, a project I am involved with in Africa, we have elected the arbitration mechanism as a means for resolving disputes between communities on our social network. Arbitration was a necessary dispute resolution mechanism because of its robustness in the ubiquitous informal economy. The formal court system has proved unreliable, been co-opted by rogue actors and is inefficient in resolving disputes.

I am interested in arbitration as an opportunity to learn and exchange ideas on the subtle cultural differences between Africa and the rest of the world.

Sam Sapoznick

Interest in arbitration

I have two main interests in arbitration. First, the intention to serve the cause of fair dispute resolution, in concert with other thoughtful, trained, committed, independent people. Second, a personal preference for spending time in a reflective, considered frame of mind, in which the specifics of each individual dispute can be examined in-depth in order to bring about an expeditious and fair result.


  • Whilst these people should be rightly thanked for putting themselves forward it’s difficult to see how they all meet the experience requirements of an arbitrator or the outline of qualities and experience set out in the call for arbitrators. I’m sure there are many of us that would have offered had the level of experience reflected here been considered likely appropriate. Also concerned by lack of non English language capabilities. Is the process of applying still open? Would encourage a second trawl if so.

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