EOS Telegram Summary 1/17/18 - EOS Swings With the Market

Today's crypto markets were so wild that even Dan and Sandwich talked price in EOS general chat. We passed 24k users today, four days after passing 22k; it seems the rapid growth of interest in EOS has continued post-announcement from Korea.

Thank you @marinaart for the winning cover image photo, and congratulations to @marty-arts and @johnchamberlain for second and third! Contest winner post by @officialfuzzy - thank you everyone!

User alex kureya introduced his 103 minute amateur video made in Japanese about EOS (56:00 minute mark to start the EOS talk, turn on English subtitles):

Ban hammer has no forgiveness:

Mood swings:

From a guy who has been appreciated for spreading the word about EOS:

Dan popped in to answer a question about sending multiple Eth transactions during a distribution round:

Dan brought up price (strike one) about a coin other than EOS (strikes two and three) but wasn't banned:

Having Dan around is a good thing:

David Moss of block.one popped in to share:

Fuzzy offered his EOS distribution model infographic:

Questions still surround the airdrop:

Dan responded to a user about his old project Bitshares and their current partnership:

Over in EOS Developers, a new dapp is now available for devs on Android:

Helping each other out to make EOS better (GitHub link):


EOS Go is the launch community for EOS - future of the web 3.0 - as envisioned by block.one. Anyone can participate in this historic event by voting with tokens, attending/hosting meetups and launch parties, writing the EOS constitution, picking data centers for block producing, and much more.

If you're interested in being involved with the EOS genesis block, please start by finding your niche on the community forums and resteem or tweet EOS Go to help spread the word.

Check out BeyondBitcoin.club for weekly EOS Talks every Tuesday at 8pm EST with @officialfuzzy @steempowerpics and @africa !

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