EOS Core Arbitration Forum Nominations Announcement

The EOS Governance team is pleased to announce the start of ongoing public nominations for the EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF.)

About the positions

The ECAF is looking for qualified people to occupy the role of “Interim ECAF Arbitrator.” Interim Arbitrators will become acquainted with the Forum’s purpose and importance in the EOS Public Main Net governance structure while learning more about the means and methods of blockchain-centered dispute resolution. The Interim Arbitrator position is temporary, lasting until EOS Public Main Net token holders confirm the appointments by a referendum held on the EOS Main Net circa 6 months from launch. Only those Interim Arbitrators who demonstrate an aptitude for arbitration will be recommended by the ECAF for confirmation.

At chain launch, the position is on a volunteer basis. In the future, the Forum anticipates that various forms of compensation may be available for confirmed Arbitrators and committed Arbitrator Trainees, but no guarantees can be offered.

Expected time commitment

The expected time commitment for the first month of the Forum’s work post-launch is 5 to 10 hours per week, with video teleconferences of 30 to 45 minutes length likely twice-a-week. There may also be a requirement to attend an on-site training session.

Who can offer nominations?

We request that nominations be made by EOS community members who have been active in the community for at least 1 month prior to the opening of nominations, as demonstrated by public chat and/or forum posting history.

What are the qualifications for nominees?

The ECAF’s minimum qualifications for service and independence are listed and described in a previous post by one of the Governance Team members, Moti Tabulo:


In addition to the above objective criteria, please also consider whether you would be willing to be judged by the person you are thinking of nominating.

Please take time to ensure your nominations meet these standards.

Where are nominations offered?

The actual nomination can be simply a comment added to this Forum post, or made in the EOS Arb Nominations telegram chat (https://t.me/EOSArbNominations). Nominations should include:

  • The full name of the nominee (where known)
  • Their country of residence (if known)
  • Their best publicly-visible contact method, such as a Telegram handle or publicly-known email address. (Please do not publish private email addresses.)
  • A short summary of why the nominator believes the nominee will make a good Interim Arbitrator.

Of special note: The initial language of the EOS Core Arbitration is English as a matter of practicality at this early phase of the EOS Public Main Net and ecosystem. Over the coming months ECAF will make efforts to invite Arbitrators who speak additional languages beyond English. ECAF intends to become fully international in makeup and character, representing and serving the global diversity of the EOS Public Main Net.

We plan to announce an initial set of “ECAF Interim Arbitrators” sometime on June 5th.

There will be a rolling program of Interim Arbitrator inductions with further announcements being made in due course.

How do I object to a nominee?

Comments on a nominee may be submitted in confidence to objections[at]eoscorearbitration.io. A good objection will point out one, or more, of the selection criteria and then describe in a concise manner how a nominee fails to meet those criteria. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.


  • I would like to nominate Ricky Ding as a ECAF Arbitrator, his info is as below:

    The full name of the nominee: Mr. DING LIQI
    Country of residence : Hong Kong
    Best publicly-visible contact method, Telegram Username: RickyDing

    Short summary:

    Mr. DING got his second Mater Degree from School of Law, THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY in 2011, his first Mater Degree from FACULTY OF LAW, THE CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG in 2008 and his Bachelor Degree from SCHOOL OF LAW, SHENZHEN UNIVERSITY in 2007.

    Mr. DING was a qualified lawyer in China from 2009 to 2017. Mr. DING does not practice as a lawyer now. Mr. DING also holds HKSI Specialist Certificate. “HKSI” is The Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute established in 1997, which has been working closely with government, local regulatory bodies, industry practitioners and its members to set, raise and promote professional standards for the financial services industry.

    Mr. DING worked as an intern in court, paralegal and lawyer in law firm. He has managed many investment funds and has many years of experience in Mainland China and Hong Kong capital market, including but not limited to backdoor listing, convertible bond issuance and reorganization, large-scale mergers and acquisitions.

    Mr. DING participated and invested many ICOs since 2017. He has solid knowledge about blockchain, especially EOS.

    Mr. DING speaks a fluent English and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin).

    Based on Mr. DING’s legal background and his working experience, I would like to nominate him.

  • I would like to nominate Ms. Helen H. Shi as a ECAF Arbitrator, her info is as below:
    The full name of the nominee: Ms. Helen H. Shi
    Country of residence: China
    Best publicly-visible contact method: hong.shi@fangdalaw.com
    Short summary:
    As an experienced arbitration and litigation attorney, Ms. Shi has dealt with more than 100 cases involving disputes arising from joint venture contracts, equity acquisition, international trade, technical transfer, loan and guarantee transactions, as well as construction disputes. She has successfully represented many international financial institutions, multinational companies and large-scale domestic corporations before the Chinese courts as well as the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (“CIETAC”), the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”), and the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center.
    In addition to her role as counsel, Ms. Shi concurrently serves as an alternate member of the ICC Court of Arbitration, the first time that a Chinese lawyer has been appointed as an alternate Court member. Ms. Shi has heard nearly 50 cases (adopting the rules of CIETAC, ICC, HKIAC, SIAC, LCIA or UNCITRAL rules) as arbitrator. She has also provided Chinese legal opinions and testified as an expert in a number of China-related overseas court cases and arbitrations, including an arbitration conducted before HKIAC and an ad hoc tribunal in London, and court proceedings in Hong Kong and Canada.
    Before joining Fangda Partners in 2005, Ms. Shi practiced with an international law firm for six years focusing on dispute resolution. Her previous experience also includes three years as legal counsel at CIETAC in Beijing and one year as a visiting legal researcher at Duke University in North Carolina.
    Ms. Shi has been recommended as a leading lawyer in arbitration and dispute resolution by Chambers & Partners since 2008, and has been named as a Commercial Arbitration Expert in the "Guide to the World’s Leading Experts in Commercial Arbitration" consecutively since 2008. She was also listed as a leading lawyer in the “PLC Arbitration Guide” and “PLC Dispute Resolution Guide” since 2012, and be recognized by Asialaw Leading Lawyers as a Leading Lawyer in dispute resolution in 2012 and 2013. She is also listed in The International Who's Who of Commercial Arbitration consecutively since 2013.
    Based on Ms. Shi’s legal background and her working experience, I would like to nominate her as ECAF Arbitrator.

  • Very exciting.

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