EOS Telegram Summary 1/16/18 - Blood Before Brendan

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A lot happened today, but first things first in EOS general:

However, given the state of the crypto markets today some price talk was bound to slip through:

Some users enjoyed this overview of EOS:

A community testnet is up and running:

Norway has an upcoming EOS meetup:

Host clains further explained:

Suddenly the CEO of block.one popped in with big news:

Community reaction was muted but one member saw the magnitude:

More from Brendan:

Nobody knew what Tomorrow BC was until Brendan came back to explain:

The crowd still pondered their news:

Sam stopped by with an interesting NY Times article:

User The Cryptofiend wrote up a mini FAQ to cut down on the usual chatter:

Tonight is the Beyond Bitcoin EOS Talk - every Tuesday at 8pm!

Over in EOS.IO Gov, noted community contributor Sam Sapoznick offered a point of discussion:

And in EOS Developers block.one employee Bart was back with his layered answers to questions:


EOS Go is the launch community for EOS - future of the web 3.0 - as envisioned by block.one. Anyone can participate in this historic event by voting with tokens, attending/hosting meetups and launch parties, writing the EOS constitution, picking data centers for block producing, and much more.

If you're interested in being involved with the EOS genesis block, please start by finding your niche on the community forums and resteem or tweet EOS Go to help spread the word.

Check out BeyondBitcoin.club for weekly EOS Talks every Tuesday at 8pm EST with @officialfuzzy @steempowerpics and @africa !

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