EOS University Announcement

EOS UK are proud to announce the launch of their community engagement project.

EOS University

Mission Statement

Promoting a Thriving Blockchain Community

We will achieve this by:
• Building a vibrant Blockchain education hub which will bring together current practitioners and supporters
• Offering ‘Project Inspire’ initiatives to further the next generation of Blockchain professionals
• Establishing healthy open relationships with other stakeholders in the field of education

This new venture has been set up by EOS UK and is a totally independent entity, so as to not distract EOS UK from the primary focus of block production. This independence enables other block producers to also support the project for the good of the EOS Blockchain if they so choose

EOS University has its own financial and staffing structure. EOS UK is committed to funding the project for the next 3 years or until it becomes self sufficient. EOS UK will have no input on the day to day running of the University and will not commit any other resources that may distract from the primary role of being a block producer

EOS University will nurture the development of tomorrow’s EOS professionals to support the healthy growth of the EOS Blockchain

Please visit our website eosuniversity.io for more details and to contact us direct if you have any questions or would like to support the project.


  • Great initiative, EOS UK!

  • Wonderful work EOS UK - thank you for starting such an important initiative and devoting resources to such an important project. Happy to see your team kickstart something so important for the ecosystem while allowing it to be independent, so as to flourish for the betterment of all. Go EOS!

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